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As Pablo Neruda states so eloquently …“the poet must achieve a balance between solitude and solidarity, between feeling and action, between intimacy of one’s self, the intimacy of mankind, and the revelation of nature.”

Welcome to Galeriapollock!  is a Latin American contemporary and modern art

collection.  The purpose of this collection is to stage luxury homes,

hotels and commercial spaces enhancing their architectural style by show-

casing unique features of the space, dramatic views, high ceilings, and spectacular

settings.  These fine art pieces have given their clients enormous pleasure as

well as enhance the value and energy of the space.  The collection has a spirit

all its own and will transform you to places . . . uplifting your energy.  It will 

bring you to new levels of comfort!

Whether you are looking to sell your property or enhance the value of it, these 

pieces will increase the return of your assets.  If your purpose is to attract international clients, this collection has world recognition that visitors will

surely recognize and appreciate making them feel at home away from home!


Jose Campos Biscardi